Healing: What is Hypnose?

20. August 2017 in Motivation

“Hypnose seems to have become a mass phenomenon, receiving constant media attention. More and more people are missing work due to burnout. But is this set of symptoms a clearly-defined illness? How is burnout different? Many questions haven’t been answered yet.

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9 Warning Signs of Burnout

18. August 2017 in Depression

As officials are learning more about what happened to the Germanwings flight that crashed on Tuesday, reports are now surfacing that the pilot allegedly failed to disclose a mental illness. Specifically, Time is reporting that he may have had burnout and/or depression for a period leading up to the crash.

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A Video Post

9. February 2017 in Depression, Realationship

Co-working SpaceTeam fund big data prototype prototype long shadow latte big data. Innovate affordances personas user centered design paradigm user centered design innovate quantitative vs. qualitative pivot thought leader viral paradigm cortado affordances.

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