"Nur Veränderungen bringen neue Ergebnisse."

Dazu Bedarf es professionelle Unterstützung, in den Bereichen der persönlichen Entwicklung und Überwindung bestimmter Ereignisse.


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  • Burn out / Depression
  • Schlafstörungen
  • Paar & Beziehung
  • Familie / Einzelperson
  • Traumata / Borderline
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  • Politisch
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  • Geschäftstherapie
  • Karriere- Beratung

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Was ist Psychotherapie?

Mag. Pth. MADUKA Chinedu

Ich bin aus Biafra, ich bin im Jahr 2005 nach Österreich gekommen. Ich studierte Psychotherapie an der Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien und als internationaler Student. Ich bin in den systemischen Familientherapietechniken gegliedert.

Ich habe viel Erfahrung aus der interkulturellen Technik von langer praktischer Erfahrung und Freiwilligenarbeit bei AKH Seelsorge von 2011 bis 2017 erworben Bedeutung der Cross-Techniken in der Medizin. Während des Studiums war ich der Präsident der National Association of Nigerian Studenten in Österreich von 2013 bis 2017. Ich arbeite mit Ihren Traumressourcen

Kam nach Österreich
2011 - 2017
Studium Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna
2011 - 2017
AKH Wien Seelsorge
2013 - 2017
Präsident Nationaler Verband von Nigerian Studenten
  • Chinedu is a kind enthusiastic and helpful therapist. He stays optimistic and practical, and has helped me realise that a difficult or impossible situation may just need a different perspective and shown me that often I have power over my life and happiness than I thought. "He has given me valuable and nonjudgmental therapeutic threatment where other people might have acted in a more prejudicial way."

  • "12 years ago I was diagnosed with a nephrotic syndrome which paralyzes occasionally my immune system and is triggered by high levels of stress The last year’s relapse was a stepping stone for me. I understood that I needed more than just the medication help; I needed to face the source of my stress, rather than just been constantly scared of the next relapse or -even- disappointed by life.

    I was lucky enough to meet Mag. Chinedu Maduka and have him as my travel companion in this self-finding journey. With his discreet, supportive, loving and compassionate way, he helped me realize a lack of self-appreciation and patterns of co-dependency expressed in both a personal and a professional level.

    By using various techniques over the last 9 months, we have been exploring the social and cultural constructs which are deeply embedded in my life. We identified the various ways in which my professional work is influencing severely my personal life and we are working towards re-defining the limits of each. At the same time, he prepared me to face my family and express in a clear way my personal boundaries.

    Therapy is a long process, but in my mind it consists of moments of gradual understanding, therefore acting in a brave, non-destructive way. I call them moments of success. And with the guidance of my therapist – Mag. Chinedu Maduka- I am happy to have already experienced a lot of them. Mag. Chinedu Maduka taught me how to think differently and how to replace unpleasant behaviors with positive, healthy, self-affirming ones. Mag. Chinedu Maduka, has been trying to aid me find the pathway of my life; my heart’s and mind’s pathway. I am happy to explore it, having him by my side."

    nephrotic syndrome
  • With a lot of sensibility, Mag. Maduka Chiendu knows to deal wisely with my psychological and ambivalent emotions. You can feel the client and therapist rapport and completly free to talk openly. He control the therapy proccess with a wonderful techniques that can help in bringing a clear positive change.

    ambivalent emotions
  • Chinedu helped me tremendously by giving me support through therapy. I really appreciated that he listened and was approachable.

    Burn out